Intake and Consent

Form Submission

    Once your completed form is received, Dr. Melody will contact you directly to schedule your FREE 15 minute introductory session.

    Hello, and welcome! I want to thank you for filling out our required forms so we can begin your sessions.

    But before submitting your paperwork using the 'Choose File' field, please open your pdf and look it over one last time to make sure you completely filled out all the appropriate pages, including the best time for your session(s). Also, be sure you renamed the file with your name and today's date (it helps us keep track of you).

    Once we have verified that we have all the necessary information, we will send you a payment link.

    Shortly after payment is received, your session confirmation with all the appropriate details will arrive in your email (keep an eye on that tricky spam folder).

    I look forward to seeing you in our sessions,

    –Dr. Melody N. Eskandari D.C.