The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as a process of becoming aware of & making choices toward a more successful existence.

Health Coaching is a lasting lifestyle improvement.

Our innate intelligence is extremely smart and capable of healing, but only if we provide the basic support it needs. Diseases typically manifest themselves years after we have ignored these basic support needs (it doesn’t happen overnight).

To attain health one should create an ongoing system of upgrading more and more beneficial habits, retiring older habits that no longer are among the most beneficial. Often times many people have a difficult time making the shift to a healthier lifestyle or have trouble sustaining the cadence necessary for positive change.

These challenges often require a personal approach… a health coach. After coaching countless patients, Dr. Melody’s patients often come to a better understanding of healing by simply changing their diet or sedentary lifestyle.

A wellness coach takes a different stance than the typical medical approach.

Do you need to add medicine (with potential side affects)? Or do you need to subtract the harmful hurdles that are hindering your health?

Wellness is about being an advocate for your body’s innate intelligence and overall health. Dr Melody can help you find the motivation within, to inspire and let your body thrive on it’s own. Our sessions are about being a professional ally, guiding you towards your lifestyle goals… helping you with the step-by-step mission of achieving your optimal potential.

Through health coaching, let’s co-create ways to:

  • Introduce better dietary habits
  • Make their medicine/food in your own kitchen or ‘lab’
  • Incorporate an easy path to an appropriate exercise regimen
  • Improve your sleep pattern
  • Reduce the stressors in your life (known and unknown)
  • Ultimately, take control of your own your health
Pay in advance for 12 sessions and receive a 10% discount.

It all starts with a FREE 15 minute introductory session.