EMF Protection

Protect yourself from potentially dangerous radiation emitted by your smartphone.

Why R2L?


The Radiation to Light (R2L) was created by Erchonia Corporation, the worlds largest manufacturer of theraputic lasers. R2L is the new revolutionary, super thin microprocessor that converts cell phone radiation into harmless light. It attaches to ANY smart-phone or cell phone and reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation up to 70% without disrupting the quality of your call.

The Specific Absorption Rate, SAR, value is a measure of the energy emitted by the cell phone and its potential for heating tissues of the head and the body plus the depth of penetration of the radiation.

  • Works on all mobile devices such
 as 3G, 4G, 5G, iPads
  • Fits beneath any phone cover
  • Works with any phone
  • R2L works by using an antennae
near the broadcasting & receiving
antennae of the cell phone
  • Diverts the excess radiation through the
antennae, converts it through the 
circuitry & diverts through a red light
  • No call interruptions
  • The life span of R2L is as long as you use the same phone
  • Made in the USA

The diagram above shows the penetration of electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone based on age.

How R2L works :

The most precise & legitimate method of measuring cell phone radiation recognized by Federal communications Commission & government in the world, is “SAR” which stands for Specific Absorption Rate. SAR testing measures the radiation at multiple locations & depth on the head & body in order to quantify how much radiation is penetrating it with and without certain safety devices.

R2L is the only proven effective device to reduce cell phone radiation by 70%. Anytime the phone is ‘on’, it absorbs excess radiation, captures it as electricity, then discharges it in the form of harmless light.