Past client


“Her passion of teaching yoga and wellness has greatly helped me become motivated in improving my health problems. Her wellness coaching is very inspiring and effective in overcoming my chronic health issues.”

— Nassrin, CA

“My low back pain resolved with few sessions go yoga therapy. I had a chronic back pain, and with her instructions I have no pain. I am very grateful to her.“

—Fataneh, Canada

“I had a painful scoliosis in my upper back area and was very frustrated with taking pain killers everyday. She thought me yoga poses that alleviated much of my spinal discomfort and pain.”

—Shahrzad, Tehran

“Few years ago I had a fall accident and injured my left shoulder which left me with an intense pain in my shoulder for a long time. Through yoga therapy Dr Melody taught me specific movements to alleviate pain in my shoulder region. Since then I have gotten rid of this old pain. I am forever grateful to her.”

—Dr Fariba, CA

“I have been seeing Dr. Melody for about 8 months now. The first time I saw her I was in excruciating pain in my low back area. I am pain free now, she has totally blessed my life. I couldn’t have done it without her. She has healed me with all her insight in yoga therapy and chiropractic. This has been the best thing that has ever been referred to me for my back pain. I highly recommend her.”

—Dawnell, California

“My diet and food choices have been greatly improved since Dr Melody has been guiding me. I adopted a healthier food habit now, more vegetables and fruit with less grains. My GI system and bowel habits are way more normal. The feeling of fatigue and depression, especially in the morning, is gone. I feel fresh when I wake up in the morning and can go on with my daily job and life.”

—Sadaf, Tehran

“Dr Melody is an amazing health practitioner who not only has a wealth of knowledge but also has a heart of gold. She has guided me through some very
tough health crisis and life situations with her expertise, wisdom, and caring nature. When I initially contacted her, I was looking for a natural and healthy ways to reduce stress and combat my health issues—what I gained was invaluable.
Dr Melody’s knowledge about fitness and nutrition is extensive. She provided me with practical and concise methods which greatly improved my health and well-being. I am forever grateful!”

—Sarvasmarana, New Mexico

“I enjoyed her calm and sweet presence in our yoga therapy sessions. I have been to many health care practitioners and their medical approach was not very inspiring. But her gentle yet professional personality and guidance in yoga therapy regarding my health issue has been extremely helpful. It has been a pleasure working with her. Thank you Dr. Melody!”

—Nick, CA

“ Dr. Melody generously shares her knowledge. She is gifted in making the complex simple, enabling a layperson to feel confident that they are on the path
to healing—empowered with a deeper understanding of how to restore, maintain, and sustain vibrant health. Her heart-felt wisdom and passion for
helping others is a strength that we should wish all doctors have.”

—Jenny, CA

“From the start of pandemic through her coaching process she taught me how to increase my immunity by taking the proper supplementation of vitamins and minerals. After some time following up on her
recommendations I feel my energy level and sense of well-being has gone up. My fatigue and restlessness has diminished, my aches and pains in my body have disappeared. Gratitude to Dr Melody! ”

—Nahid, Tehran